Auto Claims Investigation (ACI)


It is a well know fact that the Short Term Insurance Industry loses Millions of Rand 
per year due to being overcharged by some Panelbeaters for new parts replacements, but in 
actual fact used parts are used. This can almost never be proofed after the car has 
been repaired. It is also a major problem in the Industry that some Assessors are on the 
take and millions are lost due to irregularities. This is why A.C.I. was formed with 
over 32 years of experience between the 2 founding members to help eliminate this problem 
and losses. A.C.I. is a registered PTY (Ltd) Company formed in 2005.

A.C.I. Purpose 

To monitor and regulate the quality of workmanship and authenticity of part used during 
the repair prose's on accident motor repairs. In the process we Monitor any irregularities 
by all parties involved.

Our Goal

To Inspect, Monitor, Audit  and Investigate all claims appointed, during the repair process.


1.	Maintain and ensure high quality of workmanship
2.	Ensure Client satisfaction
3.	Reduce the actual cost on motor accident claims.
4.	Eliminate assessor irregularities
5.	No additional expense for this service.
6.	Reduce Annual Loss Ratios
7.	No new appointment to the Insurer/Underwriter - Outsourced.
8.	No Audit Fees. 


Mr. Malan Smal has 4 years of Claims Investigation experience and has started 4 Successful 
Short Term Insurance Brokerages (Broker-on-Line, Seafirst Broker, Broker-on-Call and Elite 
Telesales) in the past 15 years.

1. Has personally handled 8000 motor claims. 
2. Saved millions for our clients
3. Manage a 19.7% average saving on +- 50% of all claims we do.
4. We do work in progress inspection. Monitor quality of claims.
5. Do audits on all claims.
6. Investigating fraudulent or fabricated invoices.
7. Have been offered R 100000's of bribes for not exposing corruption (will take polygraph 
   test to confirm that I have not taken 1 Rand for a bribe)
8. Have caught some repairers in Johannesburg & Durban for been dishonest.
9. Have exposed a number of corrupt assessors.
10. We don't charge any fee for my service, only a percentage of savings (Surg. 45%) 
	obtained, as we are confident that we can save on almost any claim. (No Saving  - 
	No Commission)
11. We have a website that handles the entire claims 
	process,from appointing assessors (Insurer), assessors report (By assessor), 
	authorizations by Insurer),final costing (by Panelbeater) and savings by (Ourselves). 
	Anyone can monitor the progress on the claim online, with only the claim number.
12. We are a registered VAT trading (PTY) Ltd Company.
13. Have exposed corrupt Clients. (Fraudulent Claims)
14. Have proofed drunk driving.

How does it work?

The Insurer/Underwriter sends the claims details by e-mail or fax to A.C.I. after the 
Assessor has assessed the vehicle and repairs been authorized. A.C.I. inspects the 
vehicle at the repair shop not less than twice during the repair proses. A.C.I. 
inspects authenticity of spare, quality of craftsmanship. A.C.I. agrees a saving on 
the job complete with the Panelbeater. A full report is drafted after each claim, 
including photos and documentation; this report is then forwarded to the 
Insurer/Underwriter. A.C.I. expects its payment when the claims are
settled with the panelbeater. A.C.I. is paid and fixed pre-arranged fee on each claim 
and a percentage of the savings off original quote. 

ACI -Manager

ACI has developed and introduced an Internet bases system; witch handles the complete 
process of a claim. With this system anyone can be given access to monitor the claims 
process and status of the claim at any given time. This way anyone know exactly what 
is happening with the claim at any stage of the process. With the system, the client 
can log a claim, claims technicians can accept and process the claim, appoint assessors
(per region), handle and complete assessors report, do invoicing on behalf of assessor,
do automatic authorization instructions, request final costing from panelbeaters, 
handle final costing from panelbeaters, send final invoice to insurer. 


There is no additional cost or expense to the Insurer/Underwriter, only a percentage of 
the actual cost saver on each claim. This is a win-win situation. This method will keep 
the all parties involved  on a higher stadard off service and honesty. Over time less and
less advantages will be taken in the  industry, witch will make help maintain a higher
degree of professionalism.

A.C.I. (Auto Claims Investigation PTY (Ltd)
P.O.Box 494, Stellenbosch, 7599
Tel:086 1114339
Fax:086 673-9392